Watch This Tiny Woman Crush 360 Chicken Nuggets And Put 4/20 Muchies To Shame

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Being a petite woman can be an indicator of several things: you have great genes, you don’t eat very much or you have a crazy fast metabolism. Or in the case of competitive eater Molly Schuyler, you burn calories by devouring opponents twice your size.

During a Twitch livestream of the Foodbeast Challenger League, Schuyler, who happens to be the world’s top-ranked female eater, crushed 360 Burger King chicken nuggets in one hour and 14 minutes. Or as Foodbeast puts it into context for us, that’s 11.5 pounds of fried chicken or 15,300 calories.

According to Foodbeast:

The previous mark using the same chain’s nuggets we could find was set by Darron Eats on YouTube, who ate 300 in roughly 50 minutes. Schuyler ate 60 more than he did.

Schuyler looks like she’s having the time of her life eating through the pile of nugs, although she does appear a little worn down near the end. Who wouldn’t be? But even with an array of sauces to act as lubricant, Foodbeast says the texture of the chicken nuggets got hard once they cooled off. “Had they all stayed warm, it’s anybody’s guess as to how many more she could have taken down.”

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You can watch Schuyler plow through the nuggets below. It’s extremely inspirational and intimidating at the same time

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