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Pass any drug test. Guaranteed.

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Congratulations! You got that job or the promotion that you have been waiting for and immediately following that phone call that has you feeling so high, you receive a dreaded email that creates instant anxiety.

“In accordance with our policies for a drug-free workplace, you must submit and agree to participate in random drug screenings. As part of our continuing commitment to a safe and healthy workplace, you will need to pass a drug test.  Please report to one of the following lab locations within the next 48 hours to perform your drug test.”

Don’t sound the alarm and go off the deep end. High Times has you covered with our Ultimate Guide to Pass a Drug Test.

The reality is that even though marijuana is legal in your state, it does not mean that your employer is required to have relaxed drug testing policies. In fact, most companies are struggling to understand how cannabis affects workplace productivity and how to formulate policies on how to manage employees and independent contractors that choose to medical marijuana over opiates.

In this guide on how to pass a drug screening, we take all our extensive field experience and compiled our fool-proof method to pass any drug test, guaranteed.

The High Times Ultimate Guide to Passing a Drug Test

Know What Type of Drug Test You Will Be Taking

The first thing to understand is what type of drug test you are required to take for your employer drug screen. You will need to get creative with this one and do some investigative research. If you know someone within the company that has been subjected to a random drug screening, then you should ask them. If you cannot dig up any information on what type of drug test you will be taking, then the best thing you can do is to understand each type of test and get educated on your chances to pass the drug screening.

Urine Drug Test

The most common type of drug screening is through a urinalysis. A simple pee test can test for a wide range of toxins, including prescription drugs as well as illicit drugs. A urine test is typically used by employers to determine recent use or abuse of your employer’s selected drugs they test for. A piss test is the only method used federally by the Department of Labor, so if you are in a federally funded job, this is most likely the drug test you will be taking. If you want to know how to pass a urine test for marijuana, keep reading below. A urine test is the easiest of all drug tests because there are lots of proven methods and case studies of people who have had success with a drug test cleanse.

Saliva Drug Test

The saliva test is also called an Oral Fluid Drug Test and does not need to be conducted in a lab environment. Employers will choose this type of drug test so you can submit to a spit test on the spot. If you have to perform a saliva test, know that there are ways to pass a drug test, but it gets more complicated because saliva tests are more accurate than a urine test.

Hair Follicle Drug Test

The dreaded hair follicle test is the most accurate type of drug screening and gives your employer comprehensive information about your use of substances for up to 90 days, according to Lab Corp. Hair follicle drug tests are conducted in a laboratory setting, where you will be subject to remove up to 200 strands of hair for analysis and the report can take up to 3 days to return to your employer.

Blood Drug Test

A blood test is typically conducted when an employer believes that you are under the influence of a prohibited substance. If you are high or drunk  at your workplace and are required to submit to a blood test, you can be assured that you will not pass the drug test. Our professional advice: Start looking for a new job.

Know What Type of Drugs That You Will Be Tested For

  • Marijuana – If you have consumed marijuana through smoking, edibles or any other way of ingesting cannabis, it can show in your system as soon as 1 day and up to 12 weeks afterwards. If you want to pass a drug screening for marijuana, know the timeframe.
  • Cocaine – Companies will drug test for cocaine abuse, but if you had a rager over the weekend and your drug screening is scheduled for the following week, you should be okay to pass your drug test, because cocaine leaves your system within 1 to 4 days.
  • Amphetamines – Depending on the scope of your job, an employer may want to test for amphetamines or speed. If you have a legal prescription for your ADD medication or for your narcolepsy, make sure you disclose that to your employer and be prepared to furnish a doctor’s note to support your need for prescription pills that act as a stimulant. Traditional amphetamines can stay in your system for up to 3 days after ingesting a pill, but it’s best to abstain from taking any recreational prescription pills at least 7 days before taking a drug test.
  • Opioids – Opiates such as painkillers and heroin can be tricky because they can stay in your system for up to 90 days depending on a variety of different factors when it comes to your body, but for most people opiate based drugs are out of your system 7 days after the last dose, so if you are scheduled for a drug screening, then it’s important to not only know what type of drug you will be tested for, but the methodology of how you will be tested.
  • Other Drugs: PCP, MDMA, Barbiturates, Benzodiazepines, Propoxyphene – Xanax, Valium,  Klonopins and a bunch of other prescriptions can be detected on a drug screen by your employer. If you are taking any pills for recreational use, the general rule of thumb is that traces of each drug can remain in your system for 10 days from the last dose.

Know How Long Marijuana Stays in Your System

  • Occasional User – The occasional user of marijuana products can expect that THC will be detectable in their system for up to 12 weeks.
  • Frequent User – Whether you barely consume marijuana or you toke up on the weekends, depending on your body composition, weed can stay in your system for up to 3 months.
  • Daily User – If you decide to smoke weed everyday, then it is going to take a bit longer for the cannabis to get out of your system. We recommend anticipating that THC will show up on a drug screening, even if you smoked 90 days ago.

Know the Risky Options When Trying to Pass a Drug Test

Goldenseal Root

You might have heard that Goldenseal Root and drinking lots of water will help to mask THC in your urine. Our team of professionals at High Times have gone through rigorous testing (yea, we smoked a whole lot) and then did a urinalysis for weed and we failed. This urban legend is indeed a myth, but the positive effect was that we peed a lot and we were properly hydrated for a hike with our staff.

Using Bleach

We condone nothing when it comes to using bleach in any respect to pass a drug test. Whoever said that you can add bleach to your urine to “clean” it, needs to come out publicly and apologize. We repeat: DO NOT USE BLEACH for anything and don’t even think about ingesting it because you will die.

Synthetic Urine

Have you seen the synthetic urine drug test kits that are in your local smoke shop? It is definitely hilarious when you can pick the penis that looks the most like yours (or wildly different from yours), but the sad fact is that synthetic urine has a high fail rate.  We are not saying that it won’t work, but studies have shown that drug tests are getting more sophisticated by measuring temperature and detecting other foreign substances in the urine that red flag your marijuana drug screening.

Diluting Your Urine

There are a number of other home remedies that we have heard of over the years to pass a urine test, but we have yet to hear of one that is completely foolproof.  Dr. Amitava Dasgupta, PHD from the University of Texas-Houston claims that it is possible to pass a drug test using a variety of home remedies, but that it’s a “cat and mouse game.” This means that you might get lucky, but you might not  be able to pass either. We think that you should evaluate other options to pass your drug test, such as a cleanse.

Other Remedies

We are sure that someone has told you that the best way to pass a drug test is by drinking a ton of water and diluting your urine. This method just shows the drug screening that you have consumed a lot of water and your urinalysis will still show that you have consumed marijuana. We have even heard of people suggesting that you add water to urine to pass a drug screening, but all that shows is that you tried to dilute the urine sample, which is very detectable and will be reported to your employer.

Know the Best Options For Using a Detox to Pass a Drug Screen

  • Detox Naturally – If you are looking to detoxify your body in order to pass a drug test, time is your best friend. If you are planning to apply for a job in an industry where you know you will be subject to pass a drug test, then you can start the detox process a few months ahead of your application. The first course of action is to stop consuming or smoking marijuana and start light to moderate exercise. While it might seem silly to think that exercise is component to natural detox, sweating and blood circulation helps to detoxify your body. If you have at least 2 months foresight before taking a drug test, then clean eating, exercise and plenty of rest should help you to pass the drug screening and start your new job.
  • Juice Detox – The juicing method of detox has had some mixed results by professionals around the world. To date, there has been no scientific evidence that juicing cranberry juice, lemon, lemongrass, wheatgrass, dandelion or any other vegetables will help you to pass a drug test. What we can tell you is that your body will have lots more nutrients to help you feel better because a heavy plant based diet will always have a positive effect on your body and mind.
  • Same Day Detox Cleanses – If you are squeezed for time and your drug test is coming up in less than a week, there are some detox cleanses that are designed to give your body a quick cleanse for passing a drug test for weed.  The same day detox or 5 day detox programs are designed to keep your urine clean for a period of about 4 to 6 hours, so that you have time to pass your drug test for THC, CBD and other marijuana metabolites (THCa and other cannabinoids). We can’t comment on whether it can help pass other drug tests like cocaine metabolites (benzoylecgonine) or amphetamines, but a clean urinalysis for marijuana by using a detoxification drink has been reported by our readers, almost every time.

What is the Science behind Passing a Drug Test?

When your employer requires you to submit to a piss test to pass a drug screening, the lab testing facility is looking for a specific marijuana metabolite. THC-COOH is the primary marijuana metabolite that is present in someone’s urine who has consumed weed. This metabolite is fat soluble and takes a long time to exit the body, so drug testing facilities typically target THC-COOH in order to tell if you have been smoking the ganja in the past 3 months.

Besides THC-COOH, drug screens can also tell if you have irregular amounts of a creatinine. People who are trying to trick the drug screeners into a passing grade have an imbalance of normal levels of creatinine which causes urine samples to be altered.  Even if you supplement vitamin B, riboflavin and creatine, scientists know that you are trying to beat a drug test, and you will be reported to your employer.

Other Ways People Pass a Drug Screening

While our staff at High Times hasn’t been able to test every known method to passing a drug test, we have had a number of our readers comment on ways that they have beat a drug screening. These are the three most popular answers that we received when we polled our readers on social media and on our website.

After 6+ months of collecting survey results, emails and comments on our blog posts and social media outlets, we tallied up over 1000 stories of how people pass drug screenings and laughed at some hilarious stories that were shared with our team.

These results were tallied from November 2018 to May 2019 and the user submissions spanned from all over the world with 83% of users living in the United States and 95% of the reader responses reported that they were 22 years old or older.

Alter Urine with Soap, Bleach and Other Urine

The idea of altering your urine after you have had to take a piss test for weed may seem odd to you, but we had 42 of our readers comment or email us letting us know that they were successful in altering their urinalysis.

The High Times staff collected all of the odd ways that people claim they passed the test, but the main three ways people have altered their urine test for weed was by adding soap to the urine sample, adding a small amount of bleach (what?) to their urine sample and mixing in someone else’s drug-free urine to their sample.

We can’t comment on how effective these methodologies are, some of the reader responses made us chuckle, but not all of the stories ended with a happy ending. For the 28 people that successfully passed a drug test, we had well over 100 people who failed a drug screening using odd tactics by altering their pee with an attempt to fake a drug test.

It turns out that lots of people have shared their drug test failures across the web and drug-testing facilities have logged some of their favorite fails. Keep in mind that employers are smart and they share information online as well to let other professionals know what might be packed into your boxer shorts with your attempts to beat a drug test.

Over the Counter Drug Testing Kits

Over the counter (OTC) drug testing kits are readily available at your local pharmacy and through nationwide pharmacy retailers like CVS. You might have seen the at home drug testing kits near the pharmacist and wondered how effective they are in helping you to predict whether you can pass your urine test. While these types of at home drug tests can give you a general idea as to what might show up in a drug screening, they are not incredibly accurate, but some of our readers have used them as a way to test at home to see what shows up in their urine.

If you plan on buying a home marijuana urine drug test kit, then you need to understand that these at home drug test kits should not be considered completely accurate, because you may not be in a controlled testing environment (no fasting, false positives, user error). The 280 readers that wrote in and had success in passing a drug test, used the at home kits to prescreen and determine the best way to pass a urine test for marijuana, or any other drugs.

With an over the counter drug test, there is the possibility of false positives. Dr. Sharon Orrange, an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine in the Division of Geriatric, Hospitalist and General Internal Medicine at the Keck School of Medicine of USC says that there are medications, both over the counter and prescriptions, that can produce false positives on a drug test kit.

Flush with Detox Drinks, Juices and Water

We covered detoxing, juicing and flushing your system with water in order to pass a pee test, and it appears that our readers have had great success in using a variety of drinks to beat a drug test. 692 of High Times users have successfully reported passing using the flush, body cleanse or detox methods.

While we organized and categorized all of the results from our readers, we found that 75% of readers and followers used a detox drink to successfully pass a drug test for THC detection. We sent our investigative, weed loving field sleuths to test the effectiveness of some of the top detoxification and body cleanses in the market.

Know the Best Options For Using a Detox to Pass a Drug Screen

Need a Same Day Detox?

Use afast-acting body cleanser that can help flush unwanted toxins from your system the same day and keep your system clean for up to 5 hours. It might be stressful, but it worked for us and for a lot of our users and fans who responded to our survey.

Do you Have at Least 3 Days to Cleanse?

Don’t panic and think that the world is over. There are a variety of permanent body cleansers that can help rid your body of unwanted toxins from your system. Make sure that if you are using one of these cleansers, that you resist the urge to introduce any drugs into your system during the body detoxification process. Thesecleansers come with two home test kits so you can verify that you are cleansed after your last dose. If you still test positive or slipped up, you can always revert to the same day detox and give yourself one last chance to pass your drug test.

Do you Have 30 Days to Prepare for Your Drug Screening?

Cleanse your body naturally over time through a lot of liquids, exercise and healthy eating in approximately 30 – 45 days, depending on how much you consume (rare, casual, daily). Still nervous about passing a drug screen? Go pick up a home test kit from your local drug store at least a week before your test to verify you are cleansed and if you still test positive, then shock the system with the 5 day detox.

Our Conclusion and Recommendations

After relentless research, surveying, polling and using our staff members as lab rats, we feel that our Ultimate Guide to Passing a Drug Test is complete. The best chance of you passing a drug screen for marijuana and other illicit substances is by following a detox program..

Any casual drug user should be completely cleansed in 12 weeks by abstaining from the use of any drugs. The reality is that most people don’t have the full 12 weeks to prepare for a drug screening, so we have to go with what worked for us, as well as all of our readers and fans, which is a detox drink or whole body cleanse program.

Is there a drug test in your future?

If you think there is a chance that you have a drug screening in your future, then it is important to keep the official High Times Drug Cheat Sheet bookmarked, so you know what to expect if you have overindulged in a recreational drug that might violate your company’s substance abuse prevention and control policy.

Cheat Sheet for Knowing When Drugs Will Exit Your Body Naturally
Type of Illicit Drug Length of Time it Stays in Your System
Marijuana 2 days to 84 days
Cocaine 24 hours up to 96 hours
Heroin 48 hours to 96 hours
Alcohol 6 hours to 96 hours
Opiates 3 days to 7 days
Amphetamines 3 days to 7 days
PCP 3 days to 14 days

The ONLY guaranteed way to ALWAYS Pass a Drug Test

Even this method is not foolproof.  Have you ever heard of false positives? The most successful method of passing a drug test:

Don’t do drugs.  

But that’s probably not the case if you are reading this article.  In the event that you scrolled all the way down to find the most successful method, scroll back up to the top and start reading!

What are your sure-fire methods to pass a drug test?  Leave us a comment below.

Last updated: May 13, 2019

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