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Colorado was the first state to open the weed gates, and though there’s not too much difference from state-to-state at first glance, there are some excellent consumables coming out of this wide western state. It’s important to note that Colorado uses a smarter approach to recreational edible cannabis; no single dose or piece of edible cannabis can be stronger than 10 milligrams of THC, and each piece has to have a clear indicator, oftentimes a laser engraving. 

Medical consumers in Colorado have access to stronger items, but the typical package is about 100mg, spread amongst 10 pieces. There’s everything from tasty hard candy to luscious peanut butter cups, and purveyors take their craft seriously. With such an established market, many of the offerings are consistent and growing brands, so you don’t have to be too concerned with the details once you have your favorite brands. 

From GO coffee beans to Bliss peanut butter cups, this firm knows what they are doing with both cannabis and confections. While on a recent tour of their facility with Hi Curious, it was clear that cannabis edibles are reaching heights of professionalism that Brownie Mary could be proud of.

1906’s Chill relaxation chocolates | Photos by Danielle Guercio

With so many people depending on their products, owner Peter Barsoom knows that it’s quite serious business, and for that reason they emulsify concentrates into an oil base which is used to create chocolate from scratch. This allows a more doseable format that ensures if you break a piece of 10mg chocolate in half, it’s truly a 5mg dose. Non emulsified edibles have an issue that prevents this type of half-nibble.

Fully loaded chocolate at the 1906 facility tour with Hi Curious / Photos by Danielle Guercio

In addition to high tech chocolate Barsoom says, “We want people to get the optimal benefit from each of the plant medicines we use. Each of our products is formulated to include the exact terpenes, CBD, THC and additional plants to create the feeling the product intends.For example, our Chill chocolate gems have 25mg of CBD and 5mg of THC along with magnolia and L-theanine to help decrease anxiety and increase chill.”

These herbs and ingredients purport an additional wellness boost, and considering many of us are visiting the weed fairy for relief anyway, it’s pretty brilliant.

This product by Stillwater Brands is so superior, that I had been waiting ages to try it. From 50/50 CBD/THC to a perfect 10 mg sprinkle, you can use Ripple on everything, and I mean everything. While in the Rocky Mountains, I sprinkled a packet of CBD Ripple in water twice a day, used a 50/50 for brunch eggs, and a 10mg in tea to kick things into a more relaxing gear.

Ripple on Chef Bobby’s truffle avocado eggs from the Hi Curious experience / Photos by Danielle Guercio

Ripple is user friendly, tasteless, and extremely innovative. Confections are amazing, but these are the class of products that people also want access to— no food needed, with total freedom to infuse anything you want.

These little hard candy gems from Canyon TCH have excellent weed-free taste and a hit of sour that makes you want to munch the whole package, even though its not advisable. The Fruit Punch sweets carry a fruity finish, with a lemony exterior and sparkly effect that makes eating even just one a totally pleasant experience. Hard candies like this are excellent for sublingual dosing, when you just want to take a break from whatever is ailing you and need fast results.

Sweet / Photos by Danielle Guercio

All in all, Colorado has great edible cannabis options, and it’s on you to get there to try them. With everything the state has to offer, it’s worth the trip.

Photos: Danielle Guercio

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