Online Searches for CBD Surpass Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, Kale and Veganism

cbdtrendzAugust 19, 20193min00

According to CannabisMD’s Knowledge Navigator, a backend tool used to survey consumer trends, online interest in cannabidiol known as CBD, has spiked exponentially in the past year surpassing favorite celebrities.

The data analyzed was pulled from a wide array of user searches across the web, including over 12,000 URLs, along with social media platforms like Instagram and Twitter.

As the Navigator-generated chart shows, the number of searches entered for CBD have consistently risen since 2017, with no peak in sight. As of 2019, the tool’s graphs show CBD’s popularity has surpassed several popular topics, including Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, kale and veganism.

Search for CBD appears to surpass megastar Beyoncé sometime in mid-2018. cMD Knowledge Navigator and Google Historical Data.

Search data for cannabidiol show that consumer interest has increased throughout recent years, especially after the United States Farm Bill in 2018 was passed, allowing for federal legalization of hemp.

According to Google Trends, the top searches for CBD include cbd oil, cbd hemp, hemp, cbd vape, and cbd near me.

It’s clear that consumer interest is at an all time high, as the search data shows, and is expected to continue growing upward at this rate. After all, with the number of CBD producers increasing at an incredible rate—the market is set to reach $20 billion by 2424—consumer fascination with CBD is likely to continue trending up too.

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