How To Get High With Your Family On Thanksgiving

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There’s something extremely Thanksgiving about going for a walk, smoking a joint with your siblings or cousins, and then returning home to a delicious meal that you’ll enjoy immensely. While most family members will remain in the dark, the errant cool aunt might give you a knowing look.

Since times are changing and people are becoming more and more open to the idea of marijuana, maybe it’s time to share and see what happens. As always, you should be careful when making this suggestion, especially since it’s family and not a group of close friends. Here’s how you can get high with your family this Thanksgiving.

Read the room

Before you make any rash decisions or suggest anything, think about the people in the room. How are your parents attitudes regarding marijuana? Your siblings? Your aunts and uncles? If it’s a small gathering the odds are in your favor; the people who are hanging out with you are probably those closest to you and will be much more open to participate without the presence of distant relatives. Still, before you pull out a bong, tread carefully.

Come prepared

the 6 best ways to include marijuana this thanksgivingPhoto by Priscilla Du Preez via Unsplash

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If you live in a legal state there’s no need to stick to tradition and smoke a joint. Try to think of something that might be the most fun and effective way to get high with your group, be that cooking your own edibles, vaping or sharing some gummies. Try ingesting these when the mood is right and not when you’re fighting with your family over politics or whatever. Adding marijuana into that mix might only make things worse.

Don’t mix drugs and alcohol

This is a hard one since people tend to start drinking early on Thanksgiving, but it’s important to remember that mixing substances is a bad idea, especially when you go too far. If you’re planning on smoking a little weed, don’t stress out too much. But if you’re planning on having edibles or something more intense, it’s best to steer clear of the alcohol. Bottom line: don’t give your body the chance to purge your Thanksgiving dinner.

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