Hemp and CBD Products Legalized in Ohio

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The 70th Governor of Ohio, Richard Michael DeWine, signed a bill into law on Tuesday, July 31st, 2019. This bill decriminalizes hemp and CBD (cannabidiol) products for the state. What an enormous move for Ohio. We expect there is going to be some economic booms seen from the state after this one.

Bill Amendments

Senate Bill 57 has made multiple amendments on the current state of hemp and cannabis derivatives in Ohio. Farmers and researchers are now able to grow these products and the sale of said products is now also legalized. Cultivation of these crop however does have constraints. Legal hemp has a definition of a crop with a value of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) less than .3%. The Ohio Department of Agriculture will be manning the project.

What Does This Mean?

The changes this bill brings to the table could allow huge movements in the Ohio hemp market. Setting up a licensing structure for people who are interested in joining the hemp growing business is a huge benefit. It’s giving the people a freedom to grow these products if they choose to. Research of hemp and CBD products will also be seeing an up, due to the fact that universities may now cultivate and grow these crop and test their derivatives more frequently.

Allowing the further research of hemp and its derivatives will give people the quality of justification they’ve been waiting for. These further tests that will be conducted will enable Ohio to give input to the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) for further information upon CBD and hemp. If all goes well, you better believe that CBD will be seeing even more business.

Blue Moon Hemp, one of the leaders in the CBD industry, are currently available at over 6,000 stores and 24 states. 27 stores in Ohio already carry their CBD products, and they are now ready to further spread in Ohio what they call “the CBD revolution”. “CBD changes lives. It helped me years ago. That’s why already in 2014 I recognized my mission to help as many people as I can by making these products available everywhere”, says Christophe Cowart, “The Godfather of CBD” – Founder of BMH Ventures, the company behind Blue Moon Hemp and Swiss Relief .

Now Ohio is joining the revolution, of what some call “The Post-Prohibition Time” for CBD.

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